Wedding Videography is a Definite Must!!

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There are so many things to plan for a wedding including flowers, food, decorations, wedding halls, dresses, photographers, and videographers. Sometimes bride and grooms must compromise to fit a budget. Some important points to remember is that long after the cake is gone and flowers have withered away, the wedding photos and wedding video will be the one clear reminder of that very special day.

Wedding photos are a must, but often times bride and grooms will skimp on doing a video without thinking about the long term. Photos capture a moment in time, but videos capture thousands of moments. A video will capture priceless emotions and events throughout the day that will never be forgotten. Body language is powerful. Videos will capture the way you and your future spouse react and love each other on that special day. That is something that never should be forgotten through out life.

Videography is just as artistic as photography. Your Uncle Jim with a camcorder from Wal-Mart isn’t going to cut it. Professional videographers are adapted to shooting at weddings with all the special events throughout out the day. They know what angles and how to adjust to lighting to capture those special moments in absolute clarity. Have you ever seen a wedding video at night that the only thing you can see are the small white decoration lights and the whites of your guests eyes. Trust me when I say you will regret it if you leave video up to somebody who is not a professional. A professional videographer will capture those special moments in the way they looked when they happened.

Professional videographers use high quality equipment that will capture the sharpest and brightest images. With today’s technology range you will want the best available. Consider shooting your wedding in HD. It can be more expensive but you won’t regret it down the road. Also decide whether you want more than one camera rolling at your wedding. Multiple angles will make for dramatic perspectives that you will enhance your footage.

Now back to our example about Uncle Jim’s video versus a professional wedding videographer. I’m sure Uncle Jim will come prepared with enough tapes to video 4+ hours of wedding footage. What do you do with all that footage? Well Uncle Jim will probably just hand it to you and leave it up to you. Trust me when I say nobody wants to watch 4+ hours of wedding footage except for maybe the bride. Family and friends and bride and grooms will enjoy watching the highlights much more than anything else. Professional videographers will take the best clips and often put them to music. Using editing techniques they will capture the amazing emotions of the day and portray them in a powerful 20 minute video. Then many videographers will give you a DVD with edited video as the main part of the DVD. Your wedding videographer will likely also have the most special parts of the day in their entirety. This may include your ceremony, your father daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, or anything else you feel is most important to have in it’s entirety.

Whatever you decide for you wedding video, consider a professional videographer as a top priority and you will be glad you did.