Wedding Transportation “Arriving in Style”

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After about a year of planning for your wedding, you and your fiancé have most of the major components finalized…the catering, wedding flowers, decorations, guest favors, photography, etc.

One of the “finishing touches” in the wedding plan is transportation. How you arrive at the wedding and depart from the ceremony and reception is a large part of the wedding day celebration. Many couples choose to travel directly to the hotel after the wedding reception or to an airport to fly off to a distant resort. The best weddings involve creativity, unique style and planning on the part of the couple, and transportation is no exception.

Of all the types of wedding transportation available, a limousine service is one of the most popular and is a classic symbol of luxury. Most limousine services are very flexible and can offer a chauffeur for the entire day, or just an hour or two. The choice depends on what your wedding day involves. White limousines are the most formal type, and although the standard seating is 4-6, many can hold up to 12 people at a time. Of course, in addition to a limousine, other cars can also be used for the transporting of the wedding party or family members. Many traditions call for the bride to ride with the father to the church. Of course, the remaining parents and guests/attendants would follow. How you choose to create your wedding experience is up to you and your loved one.

Catering to Your Wedding

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Wedding catering has always been one of the most crucial aspects of planning a wedding. Besides choosing the food menu items for the palette, you also need to think of other factors – could there be potential allergies to certain types of wedding food, will the food arrive on time, and will it taste great? For all these reasons and more, it is very important that you take the time to review the details of providing great cuisine through a responsible and reliable wedding caterer. Ideally, you will find someone who has experience in catering wedding receptions, rehearsal dinners, theme weddings and bridal showers. If the caterer is a custom designer, baker or Chef, they might also help you plan your stunning wedding cake or cake tops. Here are some tips we have found that might help make planning your wedding catering easier than you might think:

1. Meet the Caterer(s) in person with questions.
Many local wedding florists, planners and coordinators know the industry well. Ask them about potential caterers for your event. If you contact a caterer, ask to meet with him or her in person. You will want them to provide references in terms of their abilities and experience. Make you sure you also contact the BBB (Better Business Bureau, to see if they are listed there or are in good standing. Ask your potential caterer about the largest number of guests they can handle and when their last wedding catering took place. Other important details are whether they are insured, have health permits, and whether they are licensed. Without a health permit a caterer cannot provide your wedding food needs.

2. Check to see if a Caterer is included in your wedding package.
Many couples choose to have a destination wedding and find that special place to hold their wedding ceremony and reception. If this is in your plans make sure you check that catering is not included in a wedding package if you chose one. If catering is included, make sure you still ask the appropriate questions.

3. Tasting
Ask about food tasting. Many caterers will allow a tasting in advance of the wedding so that you can choose cuisine that meets your needs. Some charge a fee for this, while others don’t allow it at all. Use discretion, and if possible, ask about bringing others to the tasting.

4. Write up a well-detailed contract
A business contract is always necessary in any business transactions and catering is no exception. The contract can be written and signed by you, the contractor and a witness (if possible your fiancé or friend) and should include even the smallest of details to ensure there are no misunderstanding as to what is expected by both yourself and the caterer. Assume you will need to put down a deposit.

5. Wedding catering menu ingredients
Ask about the ingredients used in preparing your meal. Are the ingredients high quality, does the caterer bake in-house or order out (especially for bakery and dessert items)? All of this will play a role in pricing out the ultimate professional caterer for your wedding.

6. Inquire about the cancellation policy
Always inquire about the cancellation policy. Read the fine lines in any contract as there may be stiff penalties / taxes involved if you need to change your event date or cancel altogether.

Another suggestion is to put some thought into a backup plan. Although it’s rare and highly unlikely a wedding caterer or catering company would leave you high and dry, stranger things have happened.

In the end, your choice of wedding cuisine should match you and your fiancés personal preference and style. By planning your wedding catering thoroughly and wisely months in advance, one of the most important aspects of you wedding will be thoroughly enjoyed by all. – Bon appetite!

Choose A Wedding Dress To Fit Your Personality

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There are many different styles of wedding dresses. There are many different types to choose from so that there is a wide variety for many women to select. Every woman is different, each having their own personal style. Some brides will want to have their wedding dress be unique and different while others desire a more traditional style of wedding gown.

It all depends on the type of wedding that you are planning to have. If you plan to have a more elegant and traditional style of wedding, you are going to want to make sure that you are getting the perfect dress. You decide on a big and beautiful wedding dress, be sure that it will match your style, personality and theme of the wedding.

Getting married during the Autumn season will also be a point to consider for the dress that you will be wearing for your wedding day. You will need a wedding dress that will keep you warmer due to the material and the style of the dress. There are several options for this style of wedding dress. Be patient and take your time to choose your dress carefully.

Many brides will look and feel better in a strapless wedding gown. This choice can be risky for some women; however, it can be the perfect choice for others. It’s up to you and what you want for your wedding day. Many brides feel great when they are sporting a strapless wedding gown that perfectly matches their body style.

Many brides today tend to stay away from the traditional white wedding. They prefer something fun with lots of color. If this is you, your dress is the perfect place to start. There is no special rule saying your wedding dress has to be white. Some brides will feel more relaxed in a dress that is off white or pale pink. Others prefer something a little bolder, including yellow, blue or even a red wedding dress. It’s a great way for the bride and groom reflect their personalities on their wedding day.

There is nothing wrong with having a backless wedding dress as well. This is a great idea that will be a perfect fit for many women. They will have a beautiful body that they may want to show off and there is no better way than to have a backless wedding dress. Some women may even want a lower cut neckline so that they can show off a little cleavage. This is something that will be a great accent to many women and they will want to feel like a beauty queen on their wedding day in the dress that they want.

You can make the decision and be true to your personal style for your wedding dress. Do not be afraid to ask for what you want and to go for it. You only get married once and this is your day to be creative and to show off your style and personal taste.

Preparing for the Honeymoon Trip

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Preparing for the wedding alone is already a headache. But it does not mean that you disregard the preparation for your honeymoon trip. Since wedding does not end after the exchange of vows, preparing for the honeymoon trip is equally important with preparing the wedding. And since this trip is the best time for you to spend your first days together as husband and wife, it should be taken into great account.

To make your honeymoon preparation less worrisome, here are some tips you can follow:

Plan ahead of time
Preparation should begin early. If you want to go to a honeymoon trip after the wedding celebration, then you should have already prepared for it long before the wedding day. Meanwhile if you will go to a honeymoon trip weeks after your wedding day, it is not an excuse to plan late. Preparing for the wedding day is also not an excuse to plan after the wedding. Everything should be prepared. Make sure you have already determined or have booked and made reservation on the location of your trip.

Create a checklist of everything
If the schedule is hectic and there is so much to do, you surely would forget some important things. Do avoid this from happening; create a checklist of everything you need to prepare. This does not only go with the honeymoon trip; it should also apply to the whole wedding preparation itself.

Finalize your travel documents
Make sure that your travel documents are all set before your honeymoon trip. Doing this early would save you a lot of trouble when the day closes near. If you are traveling outside the country, if is advisable to complete all your travel documents and keep them in a safe place.

Confirm your booking and reservation
Booking your flight and accommodation is not enough. You should confirm them days before you go. Making sure that everything is set and prepared once you arrive should be your primary concern.

After you’re stressful wedding preparation, you surely would not want to add pressure on your head. Keep in mind that one reason why you are going for a honeymoon trip is to relax, so you should relax. There is no reason why you should make the preparation for your honeymoon trip troublesome. Wedding preparation is stressful enough. You should not add some more.

Choosing The Perfect Groom’s Cake

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You and your groom can stretch your creative minds when choosing your groom’s cake. You should have fun with it!

Traditionally, the groom’s cake was meant to be carried home by guests. For this reason, it was made with durable ingredients such as fruit. Yes, all grooms cakes were once fruitcakes! Unmarried females would actually sleep with their piece of cake! They reportedly would dream of the man they were supposed to marry!

Guess what? You do not have to follow tradition anymore! It’s safe to say that your women guests will most likely forgo sleeping with a piece of your groom’s cake!

Today, groom’s cakes come in all shapes and sizes. So, how do you decide on your groom’s cake? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Ask your groom’s advice.
The final decision may ultimately be yours, but at least ask him his opinion before you throw down money on it. You probably do not want to end up with a groom’s cake that the groom will hate.

2. Go bold!
Consider bold cake flavors such as a rich chocolate fudge torte, red velvet or tiramisu that will complement your wedding cake.

3. Consider various cake flavors.
Be open-minded about cake flavors. Consider these great cake flavors: hazelnut, pumpkin, coconut cream, almond, banana walnut and carrot to name a few.

4. Make a statement with fillings.
Pleasantly surprise your guests with fillings such as praline, peanut butter, Irish cream, coffee or cappuccino!

5. To theme or not to theme.
Your groom wants a cake that resembles a large mouth bass and you are not thrilled with the idea of a fish near your wedding cake! What do you do?

You could just give in and give him what he wants. However, if the idea is just eating you away consider offering the grooms cake at the rehearsal dinner instead of the reception where only your close family and friends will see it! If the budget allows consider having two cakes – the fish cake can be for the rehearsal dinner and the cake of your choice could be for the reception.

A bit of advice – try not to make the grooms cake a source of contention. When everything is said and done you will most likely feel regret for causing a rift between you and your husband over a cake.

6. Groom’s cake ideas.
Two tiered cake with chocolate frosting adorned with chocolate covered strawberries and greenery, a tuxedo, a shirt and tie, John Deere logo or tractor, deer, a sports ball, the logo of his favorite sports theme, his company logo, a musical instrument, his favorite pet, a cake in the shape of his name, a cake in the shape of the state where he is from. The idea here is to be as creative as you wish!

7. Do not leave the table out.
The table that the grooms cake sits on should be decorated as well. You could use greenery, fabric or strawberries. You could also use items that have meaning to the groom such as a childhood photo.

Have fun choosing your grooms cake. Be creative and offer your guests a unique cake experience. Whichever cake you choose it should be a reflection of you and your groom’s personality. Have fun with it and it will be a great addition to your wedding!

Things Everyone Hates About Weddings

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But may not admit it . . . .

When it’s an outdoor wedding in the middle of November.
Or even better, July.

“Under what other circumstances would it be acceptable for you to ask 200 people to melt in the sun or freeze themselves to their chairs? None, that’s what.”

There’s More to Wedding Invitations Than You Might Think

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Everybody talks about wedding invitations, but what about all the other terms and items that are associated with them. Below are explanations of some of the more common terms and items that you’ll probably encounter while shopping for your invitations.

Seal n Send Invitations:
This type of invitation is mailed to guests as a single-folded piece (without an envelope) having the respond postcard attached to the invitation by a perforation for easy removal. Since the respond piece is a postcard, you will save on postage for the return mailing. Prices for this product normally include seals along with a printed return address on both the back flap when initially mailing the invitation and on the perforated respond postcard.

For those who won’t be invited to your wedding but you would still like them to know about your marriage, you can mail them an announcement card. They can be printed on the same paper as your invitation but mailed on your wedding day or immediately after with the wording stating that your wedding has already taken place.

Reception Cards:
If there isn’t enough room on your invitation for listing the details of your reception or if not all guests will be invited to attend the reception, reception cards can be ordered to match your invitations and then be included as a separate insert. Please keep in mind that this card could possibly add to your mailing cost since postage is based on weight.

Respond Cards:
These cards are essential to planning for your dinner/reception since an accurate guest attendance count will be needed for food and seating preparations. The respond card along with its mailing envelope will be inserted with your invitation. Remember to include a postage stamp on this small envelope which will also have a mailing address already printed on it so all your guests have to do is fill out the card and mail it back by the date you have printed on it.

Map Cards:
These direction cards would be included as a convenience for any guests who might not be familiar with the location of the church and/or reception.

Printed Invitation Envelope Flaps:
This option of having your return address printed on the outside envelope can save you valuable time and ensure that undeliverable invitations are returned to you. There is a small cost involved but it also gives an address to those who might not be able to attend but still want to send you a card or gift.

Lined Inner Envelopes:
For a small charge, you can request your inner envelopes have a colored lining to add a special touch to your invitation ensemble. Color choices will vary depending on the invitation style you choose.

Envelope Seals:
These self-adhesive labels add just the right finishing touch. They are available in many styles and are used on your outer envelope making it look like they are holding the flap down even though it has already been sealed.

Informal Notes:
These are used separately from your invitations but should be included with your original order since they are usually printed on matching paper and this will save you on shipping costs. They are personalized with either your names or monogram on the front with the inside being blank for writing your thank you notes. Any leftovers can be used long after the wedding for other purposes. Blank mailing envelopes are included with them.

Not all of the above items are necessary to make your wedding invitations complete. Remember, this is your special day, so it’s your decision as to which ones you would like to include as part of your invitation ensemble.

Wedding Tents Rental A Perfect ‘Plan B’ Option

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Wedding tents can be a blessing in disguise and are designed to give you options that you thought were not possible . . . .

You are about to embark on the planning and preparation of a wedding and my guess is that it will be a Spring/Summer wedding, and you are thinking about the idea of renting a wedding tent. The idea to host a wedding, or at least the reception in the garden, or on a beach, is an idea that appeals to many brides-to-be.

However, the more you have considered hosting your wedding outside, the more you will have realized that no matter how well you plan in advance for your wedding, the weather is something you simply cannot plan or control. Even in the summer there is always a good chance that it could rain, be windy or a little cooler than what was forecasted. These weather factors could put a strain on your day as you will be worrying what the weather has in store for you, and, if the worst should happen, the guests won’t like to be stuck outdoors in the rain or wind.

Renting a wedding tent is a perfect ‘Plan B’ option for several reasons:

  • They are remarkably easy to erect and take down;
  • You can choose the size and design to suit your occasion;
  • You can decorate them to fit in with the theme of your wedding;
  • Your guests can have the option to mingle inside or outside of the tent, depending on the weather;
  • Your guests will be impressed with such an elegant structure and convenience;
  • You can have your dream ‘outdoor’ wedding without the worry of the weather

Wedding tents can come in all types of shapes and sizes to suit your individual needs and taste. For example, if you want to hold the whole reception outside, then you can opt for a large marquee type tent that can cover an entire dining room and dance floor included. Or, if you just wanted something small and eloquent to cover a buffet table, for example, then you could simply opt for a small awning.

Obviously the cost of renting wedding tents will vary enormously depending on the size you choose. Therefore it would pay you to shop around and do your research on various wedding tent rental stores to get the best value for your money. You can either do your research online or look in your local Yellow Pages directory to see what wedding tent stores are near you and if they include the price of erecting and taking down the tent for you.

If you are planning an outdoor wedding and are thinking of renting a wedding tent, then I am sure that your head is now buzzing with lots of ideas on what type of wedding tent is right for your occasion, how will you dress it, where exactly to place it in your garden, or favorite beach location. The ideas are endless as to what a great impact a simple wedding tent can do to save your outdoor wedding worries.

Wedding Videography is a Definite Must!!

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There are so many things to plan for a wedding including flowers, food, decorations, wedding halls, dresses, photographers, and videographers. Sometimes bride and grooms must compromise to fit a budget. Some important points to remember is that long after the cake is gone and flowers have withered away, the wedding photos and wedding video will be the one clear reminder of that very special day.

Wedding photos are a must, but often times bride and grooms will skimp on doing a video without thinking about the long term. Photos capture a moment in time, but videos capture thousands of moments. A video will capture priceless emotions and events throughout the day that will never be forgotten. Body language is powerful. Videos will capture the way you and your future spouse react and love each other on that special day. That is something that never should be forgotten through out life.

Videography is just as artistic as photography. Your Uncle Jim with a camcorder from Wal-Mart isn’t going to cut it. Professional videographers are adapted to shooting at weddings with all the special events throughout out the day. They know what angles and how to adjust to lighting to capture those special moments in absolute clarity. Have you ever seen a wedding video at night that the only thing you can see are the small white decoration lights and the whites of your guests eyes. Trust me when I say you will regret it if you leave video up to somebody who is not a professional. A professional videographer will capture those special moments in the way they looked when they happened.

Professional videographers use high quality equipment that will capture the sharpest and brightest images. With today’s technology range you will want the best available. Consider shooting your wedding in HD. It can be more expensive but you won’t regret it down the road. Also decide whether you want more than one camera rolling at your wedding. Multiple angles will make for dramatic perspectives that you will enhance your footage.

Now back to our example about Uncle Jim’s video versus a professional wedding videographer. I’m sure Uncle Jim will come prepared with enough tapes to video 4+ hours of wedding footage. What do you do with all that footage? Well Uncle Jim will probably just hand it to you and leave it up to you. Trust me when I say nobody wants to watch 4+ hours of wedding footage except for maybe the bride. Family and friends and bride and grooms will enjoy watching the highlights much more than anything else. Professional videographers will take the best clips and often put them to music. Using editing techniques they will capture the amazing emotions of the day and portray them in a powerful 20 minute video. Then many videographers will give you a DVD with edited video as the main part of the DVD. Your wedding videographer will likely also have the most special parts of the day in their entirety. This may include your ceremony, your father daughter dance, the cutting of the cake, or anything else you feel is most important to have in it’s entirety.

Whatever you decide for you wedding video, consider a professional videographer as a top priority and you will be glad you did.

The Wedding Cake And Its Significance

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A wedding is never complete without a wedding cake. This is one of the highlights of a wedding reception. The bigger it is, the grander the wedding reception seems. But have you ever wondered where the tradition of wedding cakes came from?

Wedding Cakes in the Olden Times

Wedding cakes are said to have come from the great Roman Empire. Before cakes and icings were invented, wedding cakes were usually loaves of barley bread made especially for that occasion. The groom will eat a piece of the loaf and break the remaining loaf over the head of his bride. This signifies the groom’s breaking of the virginal condition of the bride and his subsequent power and control over her.

Medieval England’s version of a wedding cake is little sweet buns stacked high in front of the couple. The newlywed would then kiss over this huge pile. If done successfully, then it is said that the couple will have many children to come.

Wedding Cakes and Guests

The bride’s pie was very popular during the 17th century. This is usually made up of sweet breads, mutton pie or mince pie that is to be shared by the guests. What makes this interesting is the glass ring that is hidden inside the pie. The lady who finds it is said to be the next one to marry.

The bride will pass a piece of cake through her wedding ring and distribute it among their guests. It was said that whoever sleeps with this piece of wedding cake under their pillow will see their future partners in their dreams.

White as the Color of Most Wedding Cakes

White has become a special color of wedding cakes for very obvious reasons as white signifies purity. But for practical reasons, most wedding cakes during the Victorian period were white not because it signifies purity but because ingredients for a colored icing were difficult to obtain. As refined sugar is its main ingredient, the whiter the wedding cake is, the more prosperous the family seems.

Modern Wedding Cakes

The cutting of the wedding cake is a tradition that we have witnessed a dozen times. The bride is the one who cuts the cake aided by the groom. Then they would feed each other a piece of cake from that first slice of the wedding cake. This symbolizes their commitment to one another and the promise that they would provide for each other. It is also said that the bigger the piece of cake fed to each other, the larger number of children that they will have in the future.

White is still the favorite color of the couple for their wedding cake, but other colors have been used as well to match the wedding gown or the motif of the wedding. Although single-layer wedding cakes are still popular, it is quickly being replaced by multi-tiered wedding cakes of two or even three layers. More detailed and elaborate designs are also seen in wedding cakes, adding elegance and unique personal touch to the wedding.